How to Playback the Dash Cam Video ?



Playback the dash cam video is not as difficult as many users think, just several simply step. Today, i will introduce several common ways to view the dash cam playback.

一、The SD card of dash cam connect the computer

1、Take out the TF card

2、Put it into the car read, then connect computer.

3、Read the video file in removable hard disk

You also connect the dash cam to computer by USB.the dash cam will be read as a large space memory device, you can choose the video that you want to see. 

Waring: when installing the card, you should be careful. Because of the bad quality of dash cam, it is easy to burn the memory card when taking out the card. So generally we don’t suggest take out the memory card.

二、How to view dash cam footage?

How to playback the dash cam video

A lot of dash cam has screen, so you can replay directly. 

1、First stop to record.

2、Press MODE key to find out the video 

3、Click OK to play

三、Use APP to look the dash cam video

How to playback the dash cam video

You can use the relative APP to see the video on the phone. But when the phone connects to the dash cam, the phone will automatically disconnect the mobile network, after using, the phone normal using will be affected until disconnect the WIFI of dash cam. 

The three ways above are the most commonly used to watch the dash cam video. the first method is any dash cam is applicable, but the third method, your 4k dash cam should have WIFI function.

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