How Do We Set When First Using Dash Cam?



We have installed a dash cam and chose a memory ,which don’t equal to use securely, you also set the function of dash cam.

一、Setting resolution. The best resolution is 1080p (for universal HD on the market)

二、Setting automatic cycle time. Usually the most suitable set is 3 minutes, general dash cam is divided into 1 minutes, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, although it has no effect on, but it is not convenient to find out the video if you set 1minute.;while the 5minutes video will correspondingly larger so that it is not very convenient to intercept video because the recording time is too long. 

三、Setting recording. In general, the default recording is open when you use first, you should turn off by yourselves.

四、Automatic video recording. Some of the brand's recorder products are not automatically recorded by default and need to be adjusted by yourselves

Setting shutdown latency. It required setting by yourselves, which usually sets 30 seconds.

五、Setting fill light in night shooting mode.Some brands of 4k dash cam are turning on the lights by default, which has an impact on the picture, and on the other hand, the car looks like a flashlight from outside of the car.

六、Loop recording: Click "Video Loop Record", "OFF / 3 min / 5 min / 10 min" will appear on menu. The default value is 3 minutes, select the corresponding cycle time and click OK to confirm. Recorded video is divided into multiple video clips according to the selected recording. As is shown below:

how do we set when first using dash cam

Note: the tips of using dash cam

Make sure to rip the film on the camera lens and clean the lens. The normal manufacturer will put a small patch on the camera lens of the dash cam when the product is out of the factory, to protect the lens.Don't forget to tear up when you use it!

Please clean the windshield. The dash cam is installed on the windshield, shot outside scene through the windshield if it is so dirty, the image shot will not clear.

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