Dash Cam Loop Recording Not Working



After a period of using time, the reason of the dash cam that can’t record is simple.in the factory settings the 4k dash cam has an automatic sensing function, when happened shaking in driving, it will be recognized as a collision and the recording of the corresponding segment saved as the accident fragment permanently pure, no longer automatically deleted. So the card is too full to record. 
dash cam loop recording not working

The solution of the dash cam not working. 

1、Format the memory card

2、The sensitivity of the induction mode divided into high, medium and low. In general, the factory setting of dash cam is medium. I suggest you chose the close and save the record by yourselves.

After several months, the dash cam will warn the memory is full and it no longer records, which it is caused by the unreasonable setting.if you have the same problem, you can solve in above way.

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