Dash Cam Screen Not Working



This problem is maybe about machine or setting.

Check the power saving mode whether it has been close or set a large numerical value and open the power saving mode, such as 30s, then the screen will go black after 30 seconds, but in fact the machine is still working. If you press a button, the screen will light up.

If it has nothing with the setting, it is that you can’t solve, only change a new dash cam. But before you take it to the dealer to change, you can try to poke it with a toothpick to the reset button.

dash cam screen not working

Most of the black screen of dash cam is caused by hardware failures, and can be checked by yourself according to the following steps.

1、Restart the dash cam, update the system.

2、Restore dash cam to the factory default settings. 

3、If the reason is still for the circuit, send to repair shop to confirm.

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