What Is The Dash Cam CMOS



The popular explanation of CMOS camera is the camera that is adopted CMOS image sensor. 

The CMOS camera has two types, a CMOS, and CCD. Usually used in common digital equipment, the CMOS has higher sensitivity and shorter exposure time. However, the CCD  be used in high-end digital products, because its technology is complex and its cost is high.

What is the dash cam cmos

The difference between CMOS camera and CCD camera:

1、In terms of the output speed, the CMOS speed is much faster than the CCD. 

2、In terms of information reading, because the circuit of CMOS is more simple than the CCD, so the CMOS signal reading is relatively simple.

3、In terms of power consumption, with the early development of technology, CCD has a high-quality image, but with the continuous development of CMOS noise reduction technology in recent years, the image of CMOS camera improved greatly.

What is the dash cam cmos
CMOS and CCD,which is better one?  

In terms of image at the same pixel,the CCD is better than the CMOS camera,because the reduction degree and exposure of CCD is more accurate than CMOS's. due to the low price and technolege of CMOS,it is popular to buy .

At present, the dash cam about 90% above is CMOS on the market, and the CCD only is used to high-end digital products.And then more people consider the 4k dash cam isn’t better than professional camera because the dash cam equipped with CMOS, but the digital camera is equipped with CCD.

In many respect, the CMOS is worse off than CCD.But the price of CMOS is reasonable,but the CCD price is about 2000yuan. In my opinion, the most suitable is the best. It is good for high-end camera, but the price is not high.

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