How to Watch Playback of Vehicle Recorder



Due to the complex traffic road, the dash cam is the stander for the car. You don’t worry about the accident and the racketeer with the dash cam. But some driver is not familiar with the use of dash cam, even they don’t know how to playback. So keep reading.

You general can see the record on the computer or on the screen of the dash cam. There are four method as follow.

1、You can take out the TF card into the card reader, then connect to the computer, use like the USB flash disk to find out the record.

2、Connecting to the dash cam by using USB cable, the dash cam will be recognized as a large saving machine, you can choose the storage device with the screen, then reading the contact. The method as above. 

3、A lot of dash cam has a screen, so the record directly plays on the dash cam. The general way is stopping record to press MODE, you can find the video below, click the ok to play.

4、Some dash cam has wifi function, for example, the video of DingDing dash cam be watch on the phone relative APP. But connecting to the 4k dash cam, the mobile phone will disconnect the network so that you can’t receive the message of qq, Wechat. so you only interrupt the wifi of dash cam to use the mobile phone normally.

how to watch playback of vehicle recorder

Common recorder playback methods: the general recorder has three modes can be switched, video mode, photo mode, playback delete mode. Recorder starting is video mode, if there is recording, press the confirmation button to stop recording, and then press twice switch keys which playback is the latest recorded video in delete mode, adjust the up and down key tone to press the confirm button to start playback, when you see what you want to see.

The solution to the common question: why is the video of dash cam sectional?

The reason is that the recorded time set divided into 3 or 5minutes when the memory is full, the front video will recover the last one. If you want to save this part of the video, you need to manually clock and you only delete it on the computer, otherwise, it will save permanently.

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