The Solution of The Dash Cam Crash



In use, some drivers will encounter the situation about the dash cam crash.This article will introduce the solution of dash cam crash.

Dash cam not working solution:
(1)Take out the SD card or TF card, make sure whether it can start up. 

(2)If it can’t start up, use the spiculate thing to reset the RESTE that is the side of the machine, and press the power button to see if it starts up.

(3)If the dash cam can start normally, you should format your card.

(4)Put the card in the dash cam , if the dash cam also can’t start, it is recommended that you replace a memory card.

dash cam crash

The dash cam still can’t use normally after you try the method above.

(1)Check whether the cable is normal, whether indicator light of charging source is working ,whether the charging indicator on the recorder is working?

(2)Check whether the HOME button is working, if you press the power button of dash cam , the indicator light will lighten (the indicator light is usually blue).

(3)Take out the card and reset the machine. Press the starting button to see if it is turned on.

(4)If the problem cannot be solved, please contact the local distributor.

If the dash cam itself has problem, the above way can basically solve the problem.

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