What Should We Do When The Dash Cam Without Recording?



During the using of the dash cam, sometimes will happen the dash cam can’t record after turn on. The solution is as follow.

Check whether the 4k dash cam correctly installs a MicroSD card. I suggest that you use the space that is more than 4G and the speed level  C6 or higher because the low-speed cards may cause abnormally record.

If the SD card is installed normally, there is the date and time on the bottom of the screen, if not, you should change the card.

what should we do when the dash cam without recording

If it can show the date and time normally, press the recording and observe the tip on the screen. If it prompt for an unrecognized card, reinsert the card several times and turn it on again, but it still the above problem, it is likely a card problem.

If it appears a string of blue and white English character, it represents that the card is incompatible, which should be used after formatting. This problem often occurs when the card has been used in the computer or the memory is full.

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