How Long Can You Record With A Dash Cam



How long does the memory card of the dash cam usually record? After buying the dash cam, most people don’t know which memory card they choose. Now let us share with you about how much time the different memory cards are recorded. .The general dash cam will have several resolutions, and the common ones are 480p, 720p, 1080p.

However, the basic default of the hd dash cam in the market is 720p and 1080p.So we'll focus on two resolutions

how long can you record with a dash cam

I want to explain again why we use the class 10 as the example.because the HD dash cam record more than 90%, the reading speed is in more than 30 frames per second, and then memory card will be bad, system halt easily, black screen, leakage of a second. Therefore it is important to pay attention to it when you buy. 

Does dash cam work when car is off?

Generally,the dash cam connect to the cigarette lighter on, so dash cam not work when the car is off. Although some dash cams build-in batteries, they don't last for too long. How does dash cam continuous recording?

How does dash cam continuous recording?

1. When install the dash cam, connect the dash cam to the car battery. In this way, the dash cam will work even if the car off, so that we can have 24-hour parking monitoring. In this way, you need to know how harwire dash cam?

2. There is another simpler way that connects the dash cam to a power bank when car off. Rely on power bank, the dash cam can also continue work when the car off.

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