What About The Dash Cam Card Error



The dash cam card occur error after using a while. When you start your car, there is “card error” on the screen of dash cam and then after about twenty seconds automatic shut down. Today I explain how to do when the dash cam remind error.

dash cam card error

1、It is common that the 4k dash cam card reminds error. This may be due to the incompatibility of the memory card when it is first used, so be sure to select the right card.

2、That the reading and writing speed of dash cam is relatively low will cause dash cam card error in use, so memory cards are recommended above C4.

3、The bad quality of card will remind this.

But the dash cam has been in use a while before the problem happen, first of all considering the problem of card. Try to format the memory card. If also remind the error, you should change a new card.Here also a notice to everybody, when we plug and remove dash cam memory card, had better turn off electricity first, avoid content card to be burned out.

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