What is The Dash Cam Parking Mode



With the parking mode, the car can be monitored and protected in no one’s case, even you shut down your car, In most cases, the dash cam will only record the video when it is in the detection of movement, but there are other options available. Please read on and learn more about parking patterns!

Is it necessary to install a dash cam?

The dash cam with  parking mode is more expensive and time-consuming than ordinary, besides, you need to buy the wiring tools. According to your actually economy and demand to buy a dash cam with parking mode.

If you live in a place where theft often occurs, if your car often is destroyed, it is necessary to install a dash cam with parking mode. You also can install a dash cam with parking mode, just in case.

what is the dash cam parking mode

How do the dash cam with parking mode work?

With parking mode, when someone wants to destroy your car, the dash cam can monitor and record the whole process, which can as an evidence to help the police to catch the suspect to compensation for you.

As a reminder:

All you need to know is that dash cam with  doesn't apply to all environments. If your car is parked in a quiet area with few people, it will work, but if it is parked on a busy street and is constantly moving around it, it may also record these videos which result in wasting the battery power and storage card space.

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