The Basic Knowledge of The Dash Cam Memory Card



Recently, some people have some problem of dash cam memory card. With the help of the memory card, the dash cam works. Some people would like to buy a g sensor dash cam without the memory card when you buy a new memory card, the memory card always read failed or cause the dash cam don’t work.

dash cam memory card

Some people have some doubt, why does it not work because all of the things are new? Do the dash cam have trouble? This problem is caused by the incompatible of the dash cam. 

Generally, we are commonly use C4,C6, C10. i belive a lot of people have the same doubt,What is the different of them? The C4 / C6 / C10 means that the speed of random writing is 4MB / s, 6m / s, 10MB / s. A few years ago,  C4 cards are generally more common in the dash cam, upper C6 card is relatively stable and the reading speed is generally more than 25can, which generally meet the use of DSLR. 

dash cam memory card
Of course, the C10 card read faster, such as Kingston, Samsung and other well-known brands on the market. Now, C10 is used in most car. 

Finally,i want to notice again that you must to look at your dash cam support what kind of card when in the purchase, so as to prevent the machine and memory card incompatibly.

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