What is Dash Cam Loop Recording



Loop recording dash cam meaning that is shot and sectionally saved, and then we can set the time for each video, generally divided into 1/2/3/5/10/15 minute or off. Of course, I suggest you chose the close.

Segmented preservation means that dash cam automatically saves and sorts the video filmed according to the order of time. Many drivers had asked before that the memory is full, whether we need to delete the video in order to update.in fact, we needn’t worry. Because the g sensor dash cam will automatically delete the earliest video to record the last video when the memory is full. 

what is dash cam loop recording

In addition to its characteristics, the most important point is that is convenient to find out the accident video. As we know, the accident occurs in the several minute or several seconds.so it is difficult to find out if each video is too long. 

The two common problem combine with two function. One problem is gravity induction, if you set up suitably,will cause the circulation of video function can not work properly.

Another problem is missing seconds, due to most of the missing seconds occur in the space is between two videos. In many cases, the missing seconds are caused by the poor quality of the dash cam.

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