Why Dash Cam Not Charging



That the dash cam failure to charge is basically caused by your wrong operation.

the power supply by the cigarette lighter. When the car doesn’t start (ACC off),the dash cam will be supplied by the built-in lithium battery and then the power cut down 

The dash cam is supplied by the storage battery and ACC, at that time, the storage battery is in charge of supply , and the ACC is in charge of checking power. Generally speaking, this kind of dash cam also stop working when the ACC power is off.

The power off time can be set in some dash cam. The customer may request after the power off video recording time is longer, which belongs to the individuation request.

dash cam not charging

If you directly use storage instead of the ACC, the g sensor dash cam will continue to work after the car shut down, it must be expensive. In general, the dash cam power consumption is12V / L 200ma. if the car battery is 60AH. In theory, after recording 60/0.2= 300 hours or more for 12 days, the battery is empty, causing the dash cam to fail to recharge.

So the general car battery at least need to reserve 30% of the electricity (up to 8 days and a half) to ensure the normal start, according to the battery used on the car , you can calculate the actual decline.

Dash cam won't charge how to fix?

Check whether the charging power cable is broken or in bad contact. If the power cable is normal, test the battery for normal use. 

Try the following action: (remove the dash cam --use the phone charging cable to connect to the home socket-hold down the power button after the dash cam is turned on-the dash cam black screen,indicator lights flicker orange lights-charge for 1 hour-unplug the power and turn on the dash cam to see how the battery works). If there is no problem, replace the battery.

The reason why the dash cam can't charge

General in this case, because the dash cam doesn't have to prompt during the charge. Most of the dash cam was built- in the battery, but the capacity is small, only for time lapse off or emergency recording. So it can't be used for a long time. Therefore, when the dash cam on, it will prompt low battery. If after connecting the external power, like the cigarette lighter, it also prompts this message, because the connection is poor. Besides, the dash cam might short circuit, it is required to ask the businessmen to change.

How to charge dash cam?

1, Connect the dash cam to the cigar lighter, powered by cigar lighter, when the car start, the dash cam charging and recording.

2, Connect the dash cam to the fuse box or car battery by drop line pressing.

The drop line pressing has three wires, the power line ground wire, the ACC cathode wire and the video output plug, through which the dash cam is connected with the car battery to form a normal power supply operation.

The two power supply principles are the same, but the power consumption mode is different. Car chargeris from the cigarette lighter interface to take electricity, the drop line pressing is from the fuse box, roof lamp or car battery these places to take electricity, need to find the corresponding interface for installation.

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