The Disadvantage of Using Smartphone As Dash Cam



At present, there are all kind of dash cam on the market and the price is different. More people don’t know how to choose a dash cam, so they use the phone to replace the dash cam . today, i will introduce the disadvantage if you use the smartphone as dash cam.

the disadvantage of using smartphone as dash cam

1、The lens angle is not enough. The big problem is without wide angle camera, so that can shot the two side of A-pill, and it is low relevant to the HOME, which will affect the quality of image.  

2、The phone battery: the battery is the key to work long time. Actually, most phone supply by the car power, but the unrated current of the car power affect the life of the phone.

3、Memory space: usually 16G of memory is enough for us, but the video will not be recorded all day long, although software is available to support circular video. But repeated reading and writing have more burden, and the use of longer time, the phone is prone to heat, serious will burn the camera.

4、Stability: although it saves the money, it can’t be test professionally on the road, it maybe waggle and the video also serious waggle when on a bad road. 

5、Convenience: The best place to install is in the middle of the windshield, near the rear-view mirror, but it is inconvenient if the driver answers the phone or wants to call.

the disadvantage of using smartphone as dash cam

Although it is now possible to use mobile phones to replace dash cam, the performance is not satisfactory. The effect and operation are far inferior to the professional dash cam. And practical operation does not have the convenience that we imagine, still have the possibility to cause the damage of the spare part of mobile phone indirectly, it is really the gain is not worth the loss. 

Car owners who need to use a 4k dash cam should buy a professional dash cam, and don't think smartphones are everything


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