What Should We Do When Dash Cam sd Card Full



Generally, the dash cam can loop record, that is another say that it can automatically delete the oldest record when the dash cam memory card full

Some the loop record of dash cam need to be set manually, otherwise, it would not record when dash cam saying sd card full. at present, some dash cam is equipped with collision locking, when the collision reaches the setting value, it will auto lock the video so that it does not to be deleted.

1、The dash cam uses the auto weightlessness to record the video, which can be deleted, so the sd is easy to fill.

2、The dash cam uses the scrolling shooting when the driver presses the recording, the image will be saved and it doesn't participate in scrolling shooting delete operation, permanently keep on the memory card.

3、To avoid the situation that you forget to press the recording when the accident happens, the hidden dash cam is equipped with weightlessness auto recording.

In order words, the image shot in the great weightlessness will be saved permanently, and the heavier braking deceleration during the driving process is also considered weightless.

4、So the car has a crash for some time , the video will be save more and more.

5、Suggestion: First, change a large memory card. Second format the memory card on the dash cam. Third, remove the memory card and emptied on the computer before using.

dash cam sd card full

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