Why Dash Cam Keeps Rebooting



The dash cam keep rebooting after using a while, at first my friend said the memory was full, and it was full after i saw, and then I formatted the memory card and plugged it in, but the dash cam still keep rebooting. How do we solve the problem?

The built-in battery is broken. Use the USB cable to connect to the computer see whether you can restart it. If it reboots, there could be a problem with the dash cam.

If not reboot may be the dash cam’s power line current is small, cannot charge the battery or battery broken. There is a small hole in RESET on the 4k dash cam. It may be useful to find a needle to press the reset key inside.

Why does the dash cam keep rebooting after the car shutdown

This is usually the cause of electricity, in other words, the cigarette lighter or car filling contact maybe not good. of course, do not rule out the internal circuit of the dash cam poor contact.

To be clear, it is normal for the car to turn off and restart at the moment of starting the fire, because your dash cam is not connected to regular power, which does not directly connect to the battery, but to pick up the car's system power, such as cigarette lighters and so on.

Before starting your car, you can turn on the power supply inside the car, such as sound, cigarette lighter, etc., but the car needs a strong current to start the car at the moment of starting the fire, in order to protect the battery, The system automatically cuts off all the larger components of the car, such as the DVD, and the cigarette lighter, so the lighter will be cut off during the fire. The dash cam also reboots naturally. After starting the car, the car battery will supply power normally.

If your dash cam is with the built-in battery, you can also use the relative settings to prevent the hd dash cam restarting while the car switch the ignition. The method is as follows:

Enter "setting", in the setting there is a "delay shutdown", generally default to "turn off", change this setting to 30 seconds or other time, can solve this problem smoothly.

Garmin dashcam 35 keeps rebooting

When your Garmin dashcam keeps rebooting, it is likely that the battery isn’t working. Please connect the computer to see whether it restarts. If so, the dash cam may be broken.if not, the power cord of the dash cam may be too small to recharge the battery or break the battery. 

Solution: press RESET button with the needle.

Blackvue dr650 keeps restarting

When your Blackvue dr650 keeps restarting, please first confirm whether the memory card used is original.If you are using a third-party microSD card in BlackVue dashcam, it can cause the dashcam to reboot randomly. You can try to troubleshoot the issue by formatting the microSD card or updating the firmware. But if the issue recurs, we recommend using a BlackVue microSD card.

In case you are using a BlackVue microSD card but the dashcam reboots randomly, format the microSD card, or update the firmware and insert it in the dashcam.


If you are using a microSD card for more than six months, it is recommended to get a new one.

The BlackVue microSD cards have a six month warranty period. You can contact the seller for the replacement of the faulty BlackVue microSD card within the warranty period.

It is recommended to format the microSD card at least once a month to avoid any operational issues related to the microSD card.

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