Why Have A Dash Cam



Installing a dash cam not only can record what happened in the case of the road but also warn the driver to reduce the accident. Even if accident happen unfortunately, you can take out the record as the evidence and protect your rights.

Six advantage of the dash cam

1、Protect driver’s legitimate rights and interest.

2、Prevent  racketeering

3、Insurance quickly claim settlement : provide the evidence to insurance to get the claim quickly

4、Assist the police to solve the case quickly: bring the most direct evidence, the scene of the accident and the appearance of the perpetrator, etc. 
5、Reduce the incidence of traffic accidents: drivers do not dare to drive arbitrarily so the accident rate will also be greatly reduced. 
6、Like to drive friends: record their own difficult and difficult to conquer the process, and then made into DVV, permanent preservation.


How to choose the dash cam

the dash cam, as an electricity product, has developed rapidly after years of development . from 480p, 720p to now, many dash cams have recorded the 1080p, 1296p, even 4K video, which is the different price of dash cam, when we face all kind of dash cam, how do we choose the best dash cam? You can consider the following point:

一、Wide angle 

Many busincess claim that their product is wide angle that can reach 170°even 270°, there is no dead corner. The anther problem is that the wide angle will tent to edge blur so that it maybe bring some problem when the accident happen in the side. Of course, we not discussion that the product have not focused out of factory.

How to select: 

Out of focus is the quality problem, a lot of copy product have this problem. Ignore the edge blur, the image shot by hd dash cam is not clear, your dash cam maybe poor. Generally, the angle of 120° to 140° can meet the requirement of video recording of daily driving, as long as the correct position is selected and installed.

二、Camera pixel and resolution \CMOS and night vision

The higher the pixel of the camera, the better the image. Both CMOS and CCD have less power consumption and less nocturnal imaging noise, so as a good dash cam, CMOS is one of the key factors. Plus light supplements such as LED, it can effectively improve its ability to shoot at night

The skill of choice:

Camera pixels are high enough to get better images, and users can use their other digital devices, such as digital cameras, mobile phones, etc. Compare the image shot by the dash cam and other digital products, the quality of the picture can be divided immediately. 

As for the number of LED lights, it does not mean that it has strong night vision. The user can choose the same picture to make video recording under the condition of bright light and low light, and then compare it.


三、Cycle video and recording time 

A lot of dash cam have an ability of the recycling video, but we suggest that the time is set 1minutes. Because the shooting time is too long, once the memory is full, it is easy to cover the former file and affect a long-time file; however, if the shooting time is too short, it will bring trouble to find the record.The recording time is related to the built-in of the product and external storage. 

The duration of shooting is related to the capacity of the memory card, generally supporting SD card or TF card, the maximum support 32 G.

The skill of choice:

Whether using a SD card or TF card, the impact is very great. But the TF is small than SD, so it is simply to install behind the interior mirror. Therefore, it is recommended to select TF card as the product of storage device. After installing the product, try to test whether the video is smooth at high speed.


This function is what we often call gyroscopes, or triaxial gravimetry ( may be called an emergency video or collision sensor). But many people don't want the feature to start because it works only in the event of an accident.

We all know that the dash cam now comes with a circular video that will automatically overwrite the oldest video when memory is full, if with G-Sensor. When we have an accident, the recorder can sense the accident, ensure that the evidence video is not covered, better protect our benefit. If the image is covered when we have an accident, the consequences should be understood.

The skill of choice:

It is necessary to buy a dash cam with g sensor to ensure prevent the evidence when the accident happen. 

五、Power interface 

The dash cam generally have both internal power supply and external power supply , in which the internal power supply is generally lithium battery, a few will use battery 5.

The skill of choice:

The lithium used in dash cam has the advantage of using time, general using 2 to 4 hours while driving, the dash cam gets the power from the cigarette lighter, so you needn’t require too much for built-in battery. however, the built-in battery in the car easily explode when heated, so it is recommended that you buy a dash cam with the built-in battery.

六、The location and method of installation.

The dash cam use the suction mount to stick on the front windshield , some products are fixed to the car through modification. The screen size is generally about 2.5 inches, easy for users to play back. Too large a screen increases the size of the dash cam and is not easy to fix near the interior mirror.

The skill of choice:

The property visible in the car is generally the target of thieves. Small size is not easy to attract the attention of thieves. It is more conducive to theft prevention and can also be easily installed behind the interior mirror.

Install a dash cam not only can be aware of others and supervise ourselves but also reduce unnecessary accident to provide the guarantee of safety. 

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