What Dash Cam to Buy



In recent years, with the rapid development of the dash cam technology, in order to reduce the unnecessary trouble, most people will install a dash cam for their car. But with all the dash cam on the market, which dash cam is the best. 

what dash cam to buy

Today, we recommend the dash cam AZDOME GS65H dual dash cam,GS65H with the front and rear cameras, the Azdome GS65H offers excellent coverage of activity on the road around you. Its front 150° wide lens and rear 130° wide lens with 1080P video capture enables you to capture realistic video from your vehicle at a wide area.

Azdome GS65H Dual Lens Dash Cam Unboxing Video:

GS65H with 2.4 inch LCD screen, Front Lens: 1440×1080, Rear Lens: 1280×720P;Uses 6 layers sharp lenses, AZDOME dash cam captures 1080p footage, delivers stunning image quality day and night, clear video evidence potentially critical in an insurance claim, making your life easier and safer.

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