Which Dash Cam is The Best



While driving, most people are distracted, because the crowded road brings more and more pressure, so the traffic accident usually happened. Gradually, the dash cam becomes the important product for the car, installing a dash cam means that you can use the video by the dash cam to protect your rights and interest when the traffic accident happened. 

which dash cam is the best

At present, there are many brands and types of dash cam, and the quality of the product is different. But many consumers don’t know how to select a good dash cam. After our verification and testing, today we recommend a very good quality and performance of dash cam AZDOME DAB211.

Why should you buy DAB211 dash cam:It is small and delicate, strong performance, easy to install and use.

How much DAB211 dash cam: $99.99at amazon

Who needs it:Anyone who wants the absolute best in dash cam tech

Why we picked the AZDOME DAB211 HD Dash Cam

If you want to buy a most advanced hidden dash cam, there is no doubt that the DAB211 is the best choice, which is equipped with Ambarella A12 master control chip and OV4689 sensor, with a strong HDR high dynamic technology,makes the images clearer than an ordinary dash cam,no longer worried about the high-contrasted light condition.

At 1440p HD resolution and 30 frames per second, DAB211, not only is the video effect high-definition, but there is still super quality in the low light at night. The following is the DAB211 effect in the evening:

In addition, DAB211 can support 64G card and 150° wide angle to the large extent, can shot both sides of the driveway as far as possible, and the image isn’t destroyed.

DAB211 dash cam looks great, feels sturdy, has more advantage over the rest of product on the market.

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