A One-day Trip to MaLuan Mountain On November 25th



In order to promote the development and inheritance of company’s corporate culture, improve the ability of teamwork and mutual affection, we AZDOME team chose to claim Maluan mountain and had a picnic together to enjoy the comfort of the joy of teamwork on November 25th.



At 09:00 in the morning, we are energetic to set off towards the mount Maluan! Although two hours’ driver is a bit far away, it does not represent a long process, with the rich and colorful programs, let the atmosphere of the high on the car turn upsurge!In laughter, I can think the most romantic thing is to climb the mountain with you.


Climb along the ladder, mountains the rivers along the way, listening to the ticking of streams, and the beautiful scenery along the road, colleagues all close to nature. Climbing all the way up, pain and happiness!


Accompanied and encourage by colleagues, we climbed to the top of the mountain together. Hungry, but enthusiastic! on the hand-make link, we have rolled up the sleeve and began to cooking


With the high degree of cooperation from the team, every colleague brought the delicious food and enjoy it.


On this day, we put ourselves in nature. After full meal and in happiness, our teamwork, one- day tour of Mount Maluan, also came to a successful conclusion!