Why Dash Cam Recording Time is Wrong



一、The time reset or time stays in the shutdown of the dash cam

To consult this problem is the large number of the car friend, the following is the reason and solution of this problem.

(1)The built-in battery is dead so it can’t continue to record. 

All we know that the built-in battery of dash cam is limited. If its power run out, it will shutdown so that the 4k dash cam can’t record the current time, then directly jump to system initial time or stay in the last shutdown. Therefore, we usually can’t run out of the power of the built-in battery.

How do we save the power of built-in battery? It is recommended that the power supply by the cigarette lighter or reading lighter, don’t rely on the built- in battery, at the same time, ensure the dash cam off after the car shutdown several seconds?

But sometimes we don’t know the cigarette lighter socket loosening so that was the built-in battery power. So we should pay more attention to this situation.

dash cam recording time

(2)The battery supply normally, but it can’t update the time.

It is simply to solve. First, connect the dash cam to the computer, and built a "time.txt" in the root directory of the memory card, and enter a current time ,such as 12:10:30 2013.06.24 , and save . finally, reset the battery of the dash cam, it can be solve after opening. The above solution adopt to any digital products.

二、Set the circulate recording time

A lot of drivers want to know how long is suitable. The circulate time divide into 1,2,3,5,15minutes.

The setting of time should be too short, if too short, the file will be chaotic, and will shorten the life of memory card. But you set too long, it is difficult to find out the accident video. So we suggest you set suitably 3 or 5 minutes.

三、The time is not current, how to adjust.

It is also a simply problem, May due to a lot of recorder specifications are not detailed enough, or the operation is different, resulting in some drivers can not find the menu to adjust the time. Menu keys are usually in the lower right or lower left corner of the screen, and some machines may need to click twice to enter the settings panel.

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