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The dash cam memory card will appear that the disk is damaged after long term using . formatting every month can increase the recording times and extend the life of memory card.

How do we format the memory card currently? This article show you how to format the dash cam memory card. Please read on.

What is the memory card of your dash cam? (SD card or TF card)there is a simply method to distinguish the SD card is large and the TF card is small.

Today, we give an example of the operation of TF card. We remove TF card from the dash cam and insert it into the card reader (the card reader may be different).

dash cam sd card format

Inset the card read to USB of the computer.

Double-click the desktop “computer” or “my computer”, because the computer system may be different. Then find out the removable hard disk of dash cam, Mouse on the hard disk, right click after, you can see in the pop-up directory has "formatting", select and click; The computer will pop up the confirmation window again, click "confirm" (selected confirmation, content of the memory card will be deleted completely) After formatting, reconfirm again, and then unplug the card reader, reset the TF card into the dash cam, and start recording again.

64GB microSD card format guide

Insert the card into your laptop and it will pop up as a removable disk:

how to format dash cam sd card

In the above image the microSD card I am using is labeled as removable disk (F:. Now, to format this disk into NTFS I am going to right click the disk and select format from the menu. That will take me to this screen:

how to format dash cam sd card

Our main concern is with the section for File system. When you open up the formatter it will be in it's default configuration. We want to click the dropdown menu and select NTFS:

how to format dash cam sd card

Once you have selected NTFS, make sure the quick format box is checked and then click start. This will format the card into NTFS and allow us to format it to FAT32 for use in our device.

We will need a specialized format utility for this, and we use this one:


Once the utility has been downloaded, run the utility, it will look like this:

how to format dash cam sd card

At the top, select the drive for your 64Gb card, then simply click start. Once this has finished formatting your card will be in FAT32 and be ready for use.

How to format 64gb sd card to fat32 on mac?

1、Insert the microSD card inside the SD card reader.

2、Connect the SD card reader to the mac.

3、Double-click “Macintosh HD”. And select “Applications”, then double-click “Utilities”, next double-click “Disk Utilities”. 

4、Select the SD card in the left side of the window. It will be named something similar to “SDHC”, “NO NAME” or “UNTITLED”

5、 Click the “Erase” tab in the middle of the window.

6、Click, on the “Format” drop down menu and select “MS-DOS (FAT)” if the card is 32gb or smaller. If any larger, please select “ExFAT”.

7、A pop up will appear asking, “Are you sure you want to erase the partition “SD CARD NAME?” Go ahead and click “Erase”, then the computer begins the format.

Reminder:Formatting will clarify all the data on the SD card, so it's best to save the data you need before doing so.

A part of hidden dash cam use SD card, and some use TF card, we must pay attention to the choice of memory card if we want to separately buy the memory card.

Don’t only care of the use, the memory card is also important. The best choice is 32G, which the storage is enough to save more video. If you would like to self-driving tour, the big storage have advantages to record scenery of the road.

Anther important factor is brand.Select the big brand to have the guarantee, CLASS10 write speed can reach 10MB/S, suitable for the dash cam and video camera.

The SD card of the dash cam can’t be formatted
If the SD card can’t be formatted on the dash cam, remove the memory card, connect it to the computer with the card reader, then format it in the computer. If windows remain that you can’t complete the formatting, there are somethings wrong with the card. 

The dash cam can’t be formatted on the computer

1, first, confirm whether the memory card is intact. If the memory card is damaged, obviously it can’t be formatted.

2, if the memory card is intact and can’t be formatted in the computer, it is likely that the format is not compatible. For example, FAT32 support the dash cam, computer, and other smart devices, but sometimes it has slightly different. the memory card formatted on the dash cam can normally work on the computer, but not be formatted, which is a normal phenomenon, it is recommended to reformat on the dash cam.

After formatting on the computer, the dash cam can’t work normally

The formatting may not be right, you’d better reformat the machine on the setting. In addition, it is best to use the C10 high-speed card, so that the machine can’t often crash. 

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