How Long Will Dash Cam Parking Mode Battery Last



When the dash cam is installed on the car and the power supply plug is not pulled off every day, one may ask whether the dash cam will consume a lot of electricity or shorten the life of generators and batteries. If you want to know the answer, please read on.

The dash cam is a low-power product, the general current is between 150-300mA, the power is below 1.5W. SO basically it has no impact on the battery, the difficulty of parking monitoring is not in the power consumption but wiring, the hidden dash cam must be connected to the ordinary electricity, not connect to the general cigarette lighter.

dash cam parking mode

So the consumption of dash cam is not big, generally the power consumption of dash cam is in the 2W-5W. The dash cam does not work after the car shutdown, so there is no need to worry about wasting battery.

If you want the dash cam to work for 24h, the simply method is to buy a separate mobile power source for dash cam. When the car shutdown, the dash cam connect to the mobile power source,which can work for24h.

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