Record Life Details, We Choose 6-layer Glass Lens



Video quality is the most important determining factor of a dash cam, clear and smooth video without distortion is the primary premise as evidence, and the dash cam lens decides the video quality, some dash cams use inferior or rough machined lens, which will cause bad imaging effect.

dual lens dash cam 1080p

AZDOME seems to have taken this point into consideration and that’s why AZDOME dual lens dash cam GS65H front lens exclusively applied the advanced six groups of high permeability glass optical lenses, leading industrial grade lens module and A-grade glass material to realize the F1.8 big aperture and 150°ultra wide angle, and the surface is coated with the antiglare film, which can control the glare better and filter the veiling glare effectively, that can be counted as the industrial cutting-edge technology.

The quality of lens will affect the imaging effect, less light will be lost if the lens light transmittance is good, AZDOME GS65H front lens adopts 6 groups of full glass lens, with the advantages of high temperature resistance, anti-aging and light transmittance, transparent lens combines with the high sensitive chip developed exclusively by SONY, even in low light environment, it can also have clear effect. Above are the advantages of GS65H lens.


Besides the advantages of the lens, the following features of GS65H also make it much more appealing: built-in GPS, IR filter, silicone suction mount, 1080p high quality picture, every frame HD beautiful scenery is a delight to the eye.


The high-quality video data will not only leave the memory of the trip for you, also provide strong evidence in case of racketeer or accident.

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