Dash Cam Without Screen VS With Screen



The different brand of dash cam lead to the different size of screen.The screen can be divided into mini-logger, small screen, and large screen.

1、The mini dash cam

Dash cam without screen

Because it is small, the mini dash cam can be installed hidden so that it can’t hide our driving line.but it is inconvenient to be installed, and we can’t adjust the angle and set the function, which can’t support to playback the video if there are any accident. It is basic that the mini dash cam has AV to connect the navigation or DV.

2、The dash cam with small screen 

Although it is small and we can adjust the angle and set, the screen is small. We can’t see the clear image when the accident happen.

3、25~3.0 inch screen 

Dash cam with screen

A lot of screens is about 2.5~3.0 inch, some 3.5inch, with sucker installation as the main. We can install conveniently and watch the clear image, the function is perfect, we should pay attention to the brand and reputation when we buy.

4、The dash cam with large screen.

Some screen of dash cam can reach 7 or 8 inch, regard as interior mirror. It is better of function and screen.

Dash cam without screen

The best size of hidden dash cam is more than 2.5 inches, we not only can playback the video when the accident happen, but also we install and use conveniently with strong function .so we suggest you buy the dash cam that its screen is more than 2.5 inch.

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