Rear View Mirror Dash Cam Advantages And Disadvantages



The rear view mirror dash cam is recognized by the driver from the two years. But there are some drivers think the dash cam disadvantage is more than the advantage. Today, we introduce the advantage and disadvantage of the rear view dash cam. 

Rear view mirror dash cam

The advantage of dash cam

1、The hidden of interior mirror is better. If you fear your car glass smashed or cause a thief thinking, so installing a dash cam is a better choice. 

2、In combination with the interior mirror of the rear-view mirror., the interior of the car is beautiful.

3、the interior rear view mirror dash cam is slightly larger than the original dash cam , and the wide angle interior mirror can be reduced to the lazy of the rear view mirror.

4、Both interior mirror and rear mirror lighted is not useful and divide your attention at night. But the interior mirror with the basic function of dizziness, you don’t worry the light from the rear car to ensure the safety of driving at night.

The disadvantage of dash cam

1、More driver reflects the problem that it is not easy to get the card off the dash cam. But the memory is not often taken, which has little  impact.

2、Due to the dash cam has a lot of function, you will don’t adapt to it for a few day, But it's good to be used to everything.

In general, the interior mirror dash cam has more advantage than the disadvantage. Particularly, the low or middle equipment car is suitable to install the dash cam interior mirror that is high performance.

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