How to Mount Dash Cam Can Eliminate Potential Trouble



As a necessary machine for safe driving, installing a dash cam has become the first choice after buying a car. How do we arrange the cable? Hanging the cable not only affect the line of sight but also affect the operation of the car. How do we install the dash cam to avoid potential trouble?

how to mount dash cam

Where is the installing location of the dash cam?

In order to ensure the driver’s line of slight and able to observe the operation of the dash cam any time, the best location is in the rear-view, slight to the right place, which can maximally enlarge the range dual lens dash cam

how to mount dash cam

How do we arrange the cable to ensure safe driving.

It is necessary to research the wiring, hide the cable to avoid the potential problem. In normal, the wiring is started from the co-pilot because the space of copilot is more available than postures’.

The several steps of the installing the dash cam.

First, stuff the cable of the dash cam in the ceiling gap

This step is no problem for the low-end car because the details of the splicing are not very perfect so that it has a large gap and space to install the cable.

how to mount dash cam

But for the high-end car that the detail is perfect and the ceiling is usually pasted, it is impossible to stuff the cable in the gap, so you can hide it in the co-pilot visor.

Second, stuff the cable to the gap along A-pill

The cable from the roof can be directly stuffed to the gap between the A-pill and front windshield with the key, or trim removal tool.Of course, it takes some strength and skill to put the cable on the plastic plate of the A-pill.

how to mount dash cam

Third, stuff the cable to the sealing strip along the car door

In order to be convenient and simple, you can arrange the cable along the car frame. Of course, you also can stuff the cable to the sealing strip, if you worry that the door is squeezed. It should be noticed that the sealing strip is pasted if you forced removal, may not be able to accurately install back.

how to mount dash cam

how to mount dash cam

Forth, hide the needless cable under the mats of the copilot

the length of cable will be reserved for every dash cam, so you hide the needless cable under the mats of the co-pilot, which space look tidy.

how to mount dash cam

Fifth, connect to the cigarette light

Finally, connect to the cigarette lighter, the installation of the dash cam is completed! In fact, it is important to avoid the cluttered space not to affect the driver’s line of the sight.

how to mount dash cam

Although it is not difficult to install a traditional dash cam, there is still a technical problem for new drivers. Regarding the way that the cable is hidden in A-pill, you should consider the condition of your car, the plastic material will be damaged by the force, so we don’t suggest you adopt this method.


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