What Is G Sensor Dash Cam



Now a lot of dash cam has G-Sensor, but there may be a lot of people who don’t know what G-sensor is and what it does. Today, we are going to show what g sensor dash cam is.

What does g sensor mean on dash cam?

G-Sensor dash cam meaning gravity induction or accelerometer, full name is gravity induction recording protection system. To achieve G-Sensor function, need built-in g sensor chip in the dash cam.  

what is g sensor dash cam

G-Sensor is a chip that can detect the direction and speed. The G-sensor chip actually induces acceleration that always exists, so the value it usually displays is the value of gravity, which is usually called the G-Sensor chip. How does the downward G-senor work on the dash cam?

When an accident happened, the car slows or accelerates suddenly, the G-sensor outputs a large value, and the CUP in the 4k dash cam reads the value that is over the set value of the G-sensor, the crash is thought to have occurred and the current segment is protected against deletion, this can automatically start the storage function, which is also called impact storage.

When CPU reads a value that exceeds the setting value, it will be a crash occurs. The set value can be set in the impact sensitivity option, including three options: high, middle and low. If you choose a high sensitivity, it will protect your video as long as the speed slightly, so the memory is too full to record a new video

what is g sensor dash cam

And the low sensitivity will protect the video only in the serious accident. But no matter how you set it, it always has some disadvantage, because it only detects acceleration, and in many cases, a sudden break or a waggle cause more speed change. 

In addition, because the accident happened in a very short time, and the CPU reads a G-sensor only a few moments late, so if the crash occurs between tow readings, it is not to be detected. It is recommended that you must choose the famous brand product to ensure the quality when you buy a dash cam.

What does the g sensor do?

This function is that when the sensor of the dash cam detects the emergency braking of the vehicle, the video of that time period will be saved independently and will not be deleted automatically, which is helpful for accident investigation.

Dash cam g sensor setting
The dash cam g sensor has a high/medium/ low. If the dash cam encounters a shake or an emergency brake during the current recording process, the dash cam will activate the protective recording. A lock icon will appear on the upper right side of the screen. After recording, the recording file will be used as a protective file and will not be deleted because of the dash cam loop recording. G-Sensor setting according to your need.

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