ANKER ROAV and AZDOME A305, Which is Worth Buying?



The dash cam screen, as an image output device, decides the visual experience of the device. The dash cam will be not perfect with a poor screen no matter how powerful the dash cam is. What are the advantages of IPS screen compared with TN screen?

First of all, the display effect of IPS screen is more clear and with richer detail compared with the common TN screen. Secondly, The special handling of dynamic contrast greatly improves the layering, the color will be more distinct and the picture will be more profound. Meanwhile, the IPS screen uses horizontal conversion technology to make the screen respond faster and more stable, which provides a smoother and perfect experience for users. In addition, IPS screen technology also has a major breakthrough in energy saving, further reduces the power consumption of the battery, so it is more energy-saving and environmental.

which dashcam to buy

which dashcam to buy

We can see the difference between the TN screen of ANKER ROAV and the IPS screen of AZDOME A305 in the picture. When viewed head-on, there is not much difference between the two , but you can clearly see from the side that AZDOME A305 has a better screen effect than ANKER ROAV, whether on screen brightness or display effect.

ANKER ROAV is sold for $69.99, AZDOME A305 for $55.99 on Amazon. Both are 1080P and WIFI, Which one would you prefer? 

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