The Exposure Compensation of The Dash Cam



What is the exposure compensation of the dash cam?

Exposure compensation is an exposure control method, which usually about±2-3EV. If in the low light, the exposure value (such as + 1EV, + 2EV) can be increased to highlight the clarity of the picture. Exposure compensation is a deliberate change in the camera's automatic "appropriate" exposure parameters to make the picture brighter or darker. The photographer can adjust the light and shade of the photo according to his own idea and create a unique visual effect. In general, the camera changes the aperture value or shutter speed to adjust the exposure value.

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What is ISO sensitivity?

the larger the ISO value, the faster the sensitivity of the photosensitive. So in a same brightness , you can use  smaller apeature or a higher shutter speed, because the sensitivity is inversely proportional to the required exposure. The ISO 200 is twice as fast as the ISO 100 because it is exposed for 1/125 seconds when the ISO 100 is used in the same situation. It takes only 1/250 seconds to switch to ISO 200 film. ISO below 80 is low sensitivity ISO 100m 200 is medium sensitivity above ISO 400 belongs to high sensitivity.

The loss of the image quality after digital camera ISO is very big, especially the area of photosensitive device is small, raising ISO is harmful to the image quality, which produces anther problem of noise, the higher ISO, the faster the quality of the image drop. Professional SLR camera are still clear and clean even when they are as high as ISO800.

What is the moles?

That is a color and irregular high frequency stripe that appeared on the picture due to high frequency interference of the sensitive element on a device such as a digital camera. 

Known as low pass filter, it allows a low frequency signal to pass through, but weakens passage of a signal whose frequency is higher than the cut off frequency. For digital camera, low pass filters are usually add to the camera’s sensor to allow low frequency through and prevent high frequency light.

The purpose of adding low pass filter to the camera is to eliminate the moles that may occur during the 4k dash cam camera. The disadvantage of the low pass filter is reduce sharpness. Some manufacturers have introduced camera without low pass filter to get better picture quality while avoiding moles.

What is exposure compensation?

As long as we are not in a special shooting environment or manual exposure, we can only relest the shutter to get the good picture when using the digital SLR camera. This is because the camera automatically computes exposure value in various shooting models, and the photographer does not have to measure the ambient brightness to determine the appropriate exposure value.

Exposure compensation automatically computes appropriate exposure value to make the photos brighter or darker. The photographer can adjust the brightness of the picture according to your idea and create a unique visual effect.

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