How to Lengthening The Recording Time of Dash Cam



The function of the dash cam is to prevent the racketeer or record while traveling. Due to the limit space, the video recorder is limited, so a lot of drivers care about how to extend the recording time. This article introduces the small tips to extend the recording time.

dash cam recording time

1、Resolution ratio: the resolution ratio of the dash cam usually divide into 720p and 1080. some people would like HD 1080p, but it occupies the you want to extend the recording time, I suggest you choose the 720p.

2、Compression technique: all of the hd dash cam adopt the latest H.264 coding and compressing technique so the video format is MOV, which take up less memory than AVI, so adopting H.264 coding and compressing technique can extend the recording time to some extent. 

3、Setting the recording time:the circulate recording time divide into 2, 3, 5minutes and so on, some dash cam can be set 15minutes, but the time is set longer, it will occupy the memory and support the cycle recording so that it is easy to cover the important video. The suitable time is 2 or 3 minute.

dash cam recording time

4、Mobile detection: some dash cam has mobile detection, if you open this function, when you in rush hour, it will record a lot of short videos, which will occupy the memory, and sometimes appear leakage seconds.

5、Memory space: the space of memory directly affect the length of the time. 8G can record 3hours, 16G, 32G can be more. 

Through the above 5 trick, can effectively extend the recording time. 

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