Explain Detailed Dash Cam Basic Parameters



The dash cam is really practical, police cars and buses have begun to popularize, the dash cam becomes the norm for the private cars. But a lot of drivers know much about the dash cam. The dash cam, commonly known as the car “black box”, can record and save the speed , time, mileage and other status information about the car driving. This article mainly introduces the basic parameters of the dash cam.

1、Resolution ratio and Pixel.

480p is capable of shooting 640* 480, 720p can shoot 1280*720p. The higher the resolution, the better, but the higher the resolution, the larger the storage space. Generally, it can reach 1024 ~ 720 standard and clear.


The lens which can be rotated up or down or left or right is better. The lens of low-end dash cam is fixed, but you can change the lens direction by rotating hanger.

dash cam lens

3、Wind angle

The dash cam has its own shooting wide angle, it generally is divided into 90°,120°,140°150°, etc. in general, the dash cam shooting angle is 90°, but some businesses will exaggerate that the dash cam has 120° to 140°, a few marking 120°can only shoot 105°.


There are three holders of the dash cam, long holders, mini holders, tripod octopus holders. The long holders are about 10cm, so it takes up a lot of space and it is difficult to use. The mini holder is easier to use because of its small size. 

5、Infrared Ray

dash cam basics IR

The dash cam with IR general has Infrared Ray, which is invisible to human eyes. The Infrared Ray on the low-end product only can see less than 1meter, you can see clearly in dark. More than 5 meters, it will basically have no effect, so the low-end dash cam mainly relies on external light assistance, the function is only to illuminate from the dash cam to the headlight between, at best can only play the role of illuminating the machine cover.

The number of infrared lights is as much as 20 or more in order to barely see a small room when using as the night vision infrared lights, it need more than 60 infrared light or more than 30W power consumption.

6、LED light

This kind of LED lamp basically has no practical significance, the night light is effective in 0.5meters, which can be used for decoration, but this kind of light easily causes the glass to reflect the light to produce the negative effect.

7、Memory card

dash cam sd card

SD card: capacity below 4GB called SDSC card, has been basically eliminated. Capacity in 4GB to 32GB called SDHC card; capacity above 32GB called SDXC card.

8、Screen/ panels

Dash cam screens or panels is from 2 to 2.5inches. After turning over, some can rotate the lid, others can not rotate. If you can rotate, it will be easy to allow yourself or the co-pilot to observe the effect of the video content while driving and make adjustments. It is inconvenient for some dash cam systems to shut down immediately after they close the panel. The machine, which brushes new software, sets screen saver times and shuts down the screen automatically after 30 seconds to a few minutes. After some recorders close the lid, only the screen is cut off.

9、File format

The dash cam support various format, AVI is common, because it is easy to edited and could save a various of coding.


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