How Does Dash Cam Loop Recording Work



There is no doubt that the main function of the dash cam is recording the video during driving and save it. Imagine how much memory space would be needed to save all the video taken by the dash cam, even if the compression technology is mature and eventually. the circulating video of the dash cam can solve this problem. How do we set the dash cam loop recording? Today we are going to show the method of setting dash cam loop recording.

how does dash cam loop recording work

一、How does the loop recording works?

The videos shot by dash cam are stored in the insert memory card. According to the user need, the video time can be set in 1,3,5 minutes. When the memory is full, the dash cam will automatically delete the oldest video to record the latest video, which can avoid lack of memory.

二、Concerns about dash cam loop recording

Many friends worry that the loop recording will cover the accident video so that it is used to obtain evidence. In fact, there is no need to worry, because nowadays a lot of dash cams on the market are equipped with G-sensor when occurring an emergency case, it will automatically lock video, stored separately, will not be covered.

At present, the memory card on the market is about 8G to 32G. calculated in 1080p and 25frames per second, the video size per minute is about 90MB, an 8GB SD card can record an average of 90minutes without an emergency. If you want to save longer, you can use a 32GB memory card.

The loop recording can solve the storage problem, we don’t away format the memory card, or use the unlimited memory effectively reduce the cost of the dash cam.

三、Dash cam loop recording settings

in normally, the dash cam loop recording time is set up with the following options:1minute, 3minutes,5minutes, off.

According to user need, you can adjust the length of time of video and loop video indefinitely.

However, the setting time is relative to the number of the file size, because the video is circulated over a period of time, if the set time is too long and the memory card is not large enough, there will not be a lot of videos. Because of covering, the video can be left is less.

Based on the above data, if you are using an 8G TF card, it is best to set it at 1 minutes and not to exceed 3minutes. Because of 8G memory card, according to the real 108p, per minute video files is in the 100m, so the 8G TF card can only store about 60minutes.

how does dash cam loop recording work

At present, the TF card of dash cam is generally about 8G, 16G, 32G.

So if you drive time is less than 1 hours, you can choose 8G and the circulate video time is not more 3minutes. You can choose the 16G within 2hours, it is best to set more than 5 minutes, it is best to select 32GB or more for driving more than 4hours, and the setting time is less than 10minutes.

The dash cam support 32G to a large extent, and in theory, the larger memory is better, so it is recommended that we choose the 32G high-speed card.

The best time is set 3minutes for every file, which has the advantage of being easy to find, and saves 1minute of the video are more broken, and 5minutes video not only is difficult to find but also it is relatively large. So it is generally recommended that you set to 3 minutes is the most appropriate.

Here, I remind you that you can’t turn off the loop recording. Otherwise, the dash cam will not be able to cycle, and the space of the memory card is easy to full, thus affecting the normal use of the dash cam.

After the explanation, I believe that every driver should know how to set a reasonable loop recording time. At the same time, after learning to set reasonable time, you can rational use the dash cam, so that driving more civilized and safer.

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