AZDOME DAB211 and GS63H, Which one do you prefer?



AZDOME dash cam has won the customers’ compliment home and abroad with the leading technology and super high user experience since it was announced and gradually stands out from the competition in dash cam industry. Most users might not be unfamiliar with AZDOME brand, DAB211 and GS65H, launched by AZDOME this year, are the most popular two dash cams, many new users may have doubts about which of the two hot-selling dash cams is worthier of buying.

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First, let's see the main features of the two dash cams.

AZDOME DAB211 has been proud of high performance, equipped with the best Ambarella A12 chip and OV4689 Sensor, max supports 64G TF card, which allows the dash cam to operate smoothly even at high speed, and will not leak seconds and cause information distortion. In addition, 2560*1440p/30fps and 150°ultra wide angle are also very appreciated by the customers, as these features help them capture much more details, give them a better experience.

Beyond these, DAB211 has other features such as G-sensor, parking monitor, GPS, ADAS, HDR, super night vision and so on, which can meet almost all needs of the users.

While AZDOME GS63H is the world's first 4k dash cam, which can be counted as the best resolution in the current dash cam industry, the picture shot by this dash cam is quite clear and delicate, with effective layering, according to the user feedback, the shooting effect of GS63H is better than that of most other dash cams. The super HD video quality of GS63H not only attributes to its UHD resolution but also due to the Novatek 96660 chip, OV4689 Sensor, besides, GS63H also has GPS, WiFi, 150°ultra wide angle, G-sensor, parking monitor, etc.

Now together to appreciate the DAB211 and GS63H comparison video.

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