What Does WDR Stand For ON A Dash Cam



What the dynamic imaging technology of the dash cam means is a common question for anyone who buys a dash cam. nowadays we can see a parameter on the dash cam, but they can not understand what it is. Some consumers may get the sweeping answer that the shooting effect at night will be better from the factory. Today, we are going to show you a detailed introduction to the WDR of the dash cam. 

what does wdr mean?

Generally speaking, the WDR is a technology that allows the camera to capture a relatively clear image in a strongly contrasted environment. It can solve the problem of intense contrast of light source or poor quality of contrast image for a long time.

what does WDR stand for on a dash cam

wdr dash cam instructions
In other words, WDR  is the range of contrast between brightness and color temperature. We often experience that when you take a picture or shoot under a strong sunlight or a low brightness such as the reverse light, the picture appears to be particularly bright or dark, the bright areas are caused by overexposure, on the contrary, over the dark image are caused by underexposure, so that the video or image we take will be clear with the exposure limitations. 

Traditional dash cam recording, if in the past in the car image in 1/100 seconds exposure image, but the image outside the car will be due to strong light or the situation of partial whitening against the light. But if a second exposure is made on the outside of the car in 1/10000 seconds, the car image will be blackened or cleared, and the combination of the two processors will seriously affect the image quality of the dash cam. 

WDR solves the contrast of the target light and improves the quality and clarity of the image. Take the example just now, if we use the wide dynamic image technology, we can extract the image inside the car in 1/100 seconds and then take the image outside the car with 1/10000.WDR can be used to see the brightest or darkest places so that high-quality images can be taken in places where the exposure is too high or the light source is very bright.

Application of WDR dash cam

With the development of onboard and security products technology and increasing diversification of the user demand, all manufacturers are always committed to improving the application technology of products, so that it can meet needs of consumers to a large extent. WDR is an important breakthrough for the development of the car video recorder, which reflects the R&D strength and technical development direction of a dash cam manufacturer. 

The popular product with WDR is not only dash cam but also cameras, surveillance equipment( highway charge monitoring, bank monitoring, shopping mall monitoring, electronic police system, etc), which is very practical to use a new method to process the image and restore the truth. Take electronic police system as example: through closed-circuit television monitoring and automatic recording of red light, enhance the directness of the command center, real-time mobilization ability and response to traffic accidents, accidents, enhance the objectivity of the investigation and punishment of violations, as well as carry out overall coordination and control over the control area.

In the application of onboard products, the WDR dash cam not only improves the picture quality but also improves the level of intelligent image processing.Therefore, there is a real reproduction that it can make the high-contrast image achieve the best effect, ensure that the target object area, position, shape, and size and other factors can completely reproduce the picture.

Compared with the traditional WDR camera, the camera can not only clearly record the thief entering the jewelry store from the outside, stealing, leaving the whole process, but also can clearly identify the facial details. This is very important evidence for the police to catch the thief because the light out of the window is too strong to reflect the obvious, resulting in the video taken by the traditional camera is not clear. It can be seen that WDR technology is very important for security.

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