Dash Cam Dual Camera AZDOME GS65H,Teach You How To Make A Strategy For A Self-Driving



On the eve of the holiday, a lot of travel enthusiasts were in high spirits, a few days of vacation enough to let friends who love self-driving driver to scenic spots, and going to have a competition for the picture that are showed on wechat. If you want to win the contest, hurry up to perpare for the trip equipment. How do you deal with once the accident happen? Here is the strategy for the self - driving.

dash cam dual camera

一、Plan the route in advance to avoid the traffic jam

Although a lot of drivers have already planning the route where they want to go, but it is recommended that drivers are queried about traffic condition of the road sections or pay  more attention to relative APP or navigation map to know the real-time access to road information, avoid traffic congestion section, so that we can not destroy the good mood of travel. 

二、Vehicle inspection

Check the tire, including spare tire, for aging and damage to determine whether it can complete your journey. Check the braking system whether the braking effect and the braking fluid is leakage or lacking.

Check whether the battery , oil coolant,steering aid oil is normal. If the car has just finished repair or maintenance, it is best not to drive out immediately. In order to ensure the state of the car and eliminate hidden dangers, it is best to carry out a more thorough and comprehensive inspection of the car, including the whole car oil, tire pressure.

三、Bring the driving tools in case of emergencies

If you want to drive yourself, yo must have three things to carry along with you, the maintenance kit, the parking signs and the fire extinguisher. If your car breaks down halfway, you can take it easy.

Of course, it is necessary to carry with the engineer shovel, trailer rope, rubbing. Especially when you are driving to the seaside, it is easy to get stuck on a soft beach, then they could use it. There is also a warm reminder that we can’t predict the unexpected situation of a tire burst, therefore, it is very necessary to prepare the tire explosion-jack, spare tire, inflatable pump, and gloves. However, the key is to learn to change the spare tire. It is embarrassing that you wait until the scene.

四、AZDOME DASH CAM prevent racketeer and take photos while driving

Nowadays, it is common sense for every driver to carry a dash cam while driving. Especial self-driving, in order to avoid some unnecessary friction and disputes and protect their own car and wallet, we suggest that drivers must install a dash cam in the car.

dash cam dual camera

AZDOME dash cam, as a leading, not only can record the driver process, prevent racketeers but also can record the scenery, fun, which bring drivers a new life that makes the driving life more interested through founding and sharing the scenery along the way.

dash cam dual camera

GS65H dual-lens dash cam, launched by the AZDOME, is a technology innovation. In terms of physical technology, the distortion-free effect of the dash cam is realized. GS65H was used six layer glass and150°wide angle, which makes the photo wider than the human eye. It is a true sense of the large wide-angle distortion dash cam.

It is necessary to adequately prepare for self- driving in order to relax, conquer the tour and enjoy the beautiful scenery. But more important is that drivers need to keep calm when it comes to unexpected situations, which will make self-driving more interesting.

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