What Should I Do When Dash Cam Time Lapse



It is often heard that the friends complain that the dash cam need to reset the time each opening, either the time is not updated,or the system initialization time. Today, we are going to show you how to solve the problem of time reset of dash cam.

dash cam time lapse

Importance of time reset for dash cam

Many of all friends don’t care about whether the time of dash cam is right. In fact, this idea is wrong. When we use the dash cam, the time must be set correctly. The incorrect time results that the recording time is different with actual time when the accident happened, which will bring yourself a lot of unnecessary trouble. If we meet a racketeer, they insist that your record time is wrong, we can not do anything about it. 

The reason for time reset of dash cam

The dash cam doesn't have batteries or batteries run out. As all we know, the dash cam batteries relatively short use because they are mainly designed for preventing the dash cam from shutting down when the car sudden outages, and ensure the integrity of the video.

Some friends prefer to use the dash cam battery to work, but this method is wrong, should be connected to the cigarette lighter. And it is wrong that some friends choose the dash cam without batteries for their safety. Because it is more trouble to reset the time and other functions when starting the dash cam every time.  

Power supply is normal, but the dash cam time isn’t updating automatically. you can connect the dash cam to the computer, then create a text file under the root directory of the memory card, named ‘ time.txt’, then enter the current time in the notepad, for example ‘at 13:10:20 on 10.31,2013', and save it. Removing the dash cam battery or turning it off can solve this problem.

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