Sucker Dash Cam Often Falls Off In Sun



Many people who use the sucker dash cam will worry about the problem that is not firm in the summer temperature, and how do we do? Today I will share with you some way to let the sucker suck.

dash cam often falls off

We need to analyze why the sucker fell

1、The dash cam installation is not right. There are many small black spots on the windshield behind the interior mirror where some dash cam is installed in. In fact, this is the reason why the sucker is falling off, as shown as follow:

dash cam often falls off

2、Sucker has a quality problem. Some dash cam is cheaper, and the quality of the sucker is not good, so the adsorption is not very firm. 

3、Your operational mistakes so the sucker suction weakened.a few days ago, I help my friend choose a sucker dash cam. After installing a dash cam during the day, my friend is very excited to try, but when he comes back, he told me that the sucker was not firm and often fell down, he asked me how to solve it ? to tell truth, I have a litter puzzling, and I take a look and then let the air out of the sucker, my friend broke down the dash cam with a bit of strength.

In fact, if the sucker falls down, according to your situation to analyze the reason, is because of the sucker or the quality. If it is a sucker quality problem, you can replace a sucker or use a bracket of the dash cam. If it is not the quality problem, you must find whether the windshield is smooth. If the sucker always falls down, you can try to wet the sucker or hit the sucker in warm water to make it round, which can increase its absorption.

Some friends may also use 502 or glue to stick the sucker on the windshield, this method will damage the windshield membrane, so don’t try. But some friends come up with ideas like this:

dash cam often falls off

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