Family Self-diving Must Have A Dual Lens Dash Cam GPS



Because of the preciousness along the way, more and more people choose to family self-driving. In the journey, how do we take the photo with the rear of family? And avoid the danger? AZDOME dash cam can help you to solve this problem. If you wan to travel with your family, not only take some money, but also bring the AZDOME dash cam.

In recent years, there are many accident caused by the people who addicted to the scenery or in order to take photos to park at random, because they abandon the safety to choose the scenery.

dual lens dash cam gps

Recently, AZDOME launched a GS65H dash cam to solve the problem of the self-driving perfectly. It not only can prevent the racketeer, but also can take photos at random, avoid the potential safety hazard, which let you drive and take photos while driving.

Next let me talk about its powerful camera function. It is understood that many dash cam on the market, although the quality of the image was claimed to reach 1080p, but the screen is often blurred. The AZDOME dash cam is equipped with Novatek96655, sony IMX323 and dual 1080p HD camera, which can bring 1920*1080p/30fps to achieve IMAX video quality and its clarity can challenge our retina. The anther advantage is 150°wide angle lens, which will never let you miss any beauty along the way.

dual lens dash cam gps

AZDOME dash cam not only to improve the quality of the image, and the fuselage design is small and delicate, the installation is also quit easy. In addition, AZDOME GS65H dash cam dual view built-in polymer battery can keep recording even when you get out of the car. Such an elaborate configuration allows the AZDOME GS65H dash cam to be born with the DNA as a self-driving.

At present, AZDOME GS65H dash cam dual view is high cost performance, the price on Amazon is $74.99 

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