Dual Camera Dash Cam



Dual camera dash cam means that there are two cameras on a machine. Dual lens dash cam, which can record both front and rear, is usually installed on your windshield. The rear camera besides record the rear of your car can record the condition in the car.

When you use the dual lens dash cam, it means you not only know what is going on in the front of the car, what is happening in the car, and what is going on behind the car.

dual camera dash cam

There are two type of the dual lens dash cam

1、First type of dual camera dash cam:record the front and rear

This type of dual lens dash cam is not the two camera on a machine. So the rear camera of this type dash cam with two lenses should connect with the wire to the dash cam, so it can place anywhere. But Most people choose to install in the rear windshield, which can record the rear.

This type of dual camera dash cam setup with a wide angle front-facing lens and wide-angle rear-facing lens would give near 360-degree video coverage around your vehicle, for a truly comprehensive backup eyewitness.


2、Second Type of dual camera dash cam: Record Front and Inside

This type of dual lens dash cam is two camera on a machine like AZDOME GS65H. it usually install on the front windshield, one camera record the front of the car, another one record inside, if you install correctly, it also can record the rear of the car

dual camera dash cam

Who is suitable for using dual lens dash cam?

Anyone can use dual lens dash cam to keep a full record of the situation around and inside the car. When you meet some unruly passenger or a traffic accident happen such as rear-end, you can the video taken by dual lens dash cam as powerful evidence to protect their own rights and benefit.

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