What is The Best Dash Cam



The best dash cam must give you peace of mind while on the road.Next, according to your needs and budget, we will talk about what the dash cam is to help you choose a good dash cam.

A good dash cam must be a dash cam that can take a high-quality image and is easy to use. If you have installed the best dash cam, you can provide the what happened in the event of a traffic accident and protect your rights and benefit to a larger extent.

what is the best dash cam

What are the requirements for the best dash cam?

The best dash cam includes the following basic features:

1、GPS: it allows you to easily find anywhere you want to go and show your route and speed in real time.

2、G-force sensor: all the dash cam has the ability to cycle recording , the the video recorded later will automatically cover the video recorded before, when your dash cam has G-sensor, when a collision or any other impact occurs, the dash cam will automatically record the video and locks it to prevent be covered.

3、Parking mode: a dash cam with parking monitoring, when your car is parked on the side of the road or in the parking lot, and you walk away when someone scratched or hits your car, will help you record everything that happens .

4、SD memory card: the best configuration for SD card is class10, which will make the video smoother.

5、Automatic on/off

6、On-device display

7、Long power cable

8、Loop recording

9、Smart-file storage

10、Easy-to-adjust mount

What causes it to become the best dash cam?

The most important things of the dash cam is to take a high-quality picture, if the image taken is poor, so when the accident happened, you can not prove it is not your responsibility.

Now all the dash cam have to support at least 720p, the highest support 1080p, and even up to 4k. under the same conditions of other factors, higher resolution usually means a higher quality of the video.

If you want to learn more about the information of the best dash cam, check out the video below, which is a video of the actual effects of the HD dash cam DAB211.

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