Taxi All Had Installed AZDOME GS65H Dual Dash Cam With GPS



According to a large media report, it is a common phenomenon that the driver refused to carry the elderly, fight off and so on. The taxi industry regulatory loopholes frequently appeared.

Therefore, in accordance with the new regulations, the taxi company trained the driver on education and installed a GS65H dual-lens dash cam on every taxi. Through the video images recorded by the dash cam, the conflicts between passengers and drivers are judged and handle, and the interests of drivers and consumers are safeguarded.

dual dash cam with gps

AZDOME GS65H dash cam used the design of the dual-lens and had HD Sony camera on the front and rear. The front can take the driving position in the front of the car, and the rear can take the situation inside the car. What delicate the fuselage design is! When any conflicts between the driver and the passengers cannot be resolved, the rear can be used to capture the situation in the car, as long as the playback the record, you can judge who is a responsibility to avoid the unnecessary losses.

dual dash cam with gps

The taxi driver, who often carry passengers late in the day, can later be presented to the police as evidence from video taken by the rear camera when there are armed robberies. I am sure we will catch the robber soon. This is a guarantee for the safety of taxi drivers.

After installing an AZDOME GS65H dash cam, not only can it record the process of driving, but also record the conversation between the passengers and the driver in the car to ensure the driving safety and personal safety. At the same time, it can improve the efficiency of handling disputes between riders and drivers and effectively safeguard the benefit of both drivers and consumers.

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