How to Hardwire Dash Cam



Should i hardwire my dash cam?  Hardwire dash cam, when the car off, the dash cam can also achieve the functions of motion detection and 24 hours monitoring. If the dash cam is connected to the cigar lighter, it'll not working when the car off. 

Since install dash cam is generally connected to the fuse box, it can hide the dash cam power cable and will not occupy the cigarette lighter interface. The disadvantage is that the wiring is a little bit complicated.

So it depends on what you want to do,  if you don't need motion detection, connect the dash cam directly to the cigarette lighter. If you want to hardwire dash cam, keep reading. The hardwire dash cam guide will teach your how to wire dash cam to fuse box.

Before installing, prepare the dash cam installation kits, sucker, USB cable, trim removal tool and other tools. We plan to bury wire until cigarette lighter or other power supply. The dash cam, navigation, and E-DOG can bury the cable to install. 

1. Decide the best placement for a dash cam

The best placement for a dash cam is to photograph the condition in front of the car, so the location must be chosen to ensure the best angle of view. This position, usually behind the right of the rearview mirror, is a small gap that maximizes the visual field.

hardwire dash cam

2. Routing the dash cam power cable

Before routing the dash cam power cable, lay out the power cable roughly where it will run once hidden behind the car's interior panels. This gives you an idea of where to route the cable and how much slack to leave on the way down to the fuse box.

Now, begin by tucking the power cable into the headliner. Then follow the A-pillar routing the cables,

hardwire dash cam

hardwire dash cam

hardwire dash cam

hardwire dash cam
When routing the cables in here, remove the cover plate.

Hand into. unscrewing the nut in the middle hardwire dash cam

how hardwire dash cam

how hardwire dash cam

how hardwire dash cam

how hardwire dash cam

That's what it looks like when you remove it. Note that the silver nut of the fixed fuse box is the location of the ground point. The ground wire will be connected here later.

hardwire dash cam

3. Locate the ground point
Find a suitable wrench to loosen the nut and insert the negative pole. Don't screw it down.

hardwire dash cam

4. Find the Correct Fuse Slot

Need to connect three heads, negative pole connection car body nut, ACC connection extinguishing and power off insurance (the first 15A in the back is the cigarette lighter, it's okay to connect it), VCC to connect extinguishing live, with the car stylus to empty the safety of a test, you can find 7.5A below a position is normal electricity, anyway, not on this choke. Why not use a few empty space above? Because 30A's main insurance is very large, it will block the electrical appliances.

hardwire dash cam

hardwire dash cam

Note: The fuse is charged on the right (pen position), so take the electrical wire to the left, to ensure that the current through the fuse.

5. Button up your dash cam cables 
Finally, tie up the extra wires, leave the positions of the cover boards, and install the cover plates.
hardwire dash cam

6. Test whether your installation is successful

When you're wired, try to start your car and see whether if the dash cam works, if it works smoothly you may go ahead and reinstall all interior panels that were removed to facilitate running the power cable.

how to hardwire dash cam

Where is the best installation position?

The car engine cover and instrument table occupied about the one-fifth screen is the best. Keep the distant horizon in the middle of the screen and the left equal to the right. The right and left of the A-pillar is into the right and left corner of the screen. 

The notice of the dash cam installation

1, when installing, pay attention to the so big angle of opening plastic sleeve so that break the plastic parts.

2, don’t fold and pull too tight when installing power cable, don’t damage the cable.

3, The GPS and the reversing radar have interference along the able, so you can also choose to wire the cable from the left.

4, pay attention to the expansion of the side air curtain, it is best to go along the edge, rather than through the A-pillar. 

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