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Uber has transformed the global taxi market with its convenient travel services, allowing many drivers to make money in their spare time, but as uber drivers often meet a wide variety of people, drunkards, dignitaries, and angry people can run into all kind of problems. Some passengers may a racketeer, which could jeopardize drivers' livelihoods. The Uber driver in Salt Lake City, Utah, said: "the most difficult passenger I've ever met was a kid I picked up late at night. In order to get a refund, he later filed a false report to Uber.He claimed that I was driving dangerously, speeding, and road rage. I nearly got fired for the $13 bill. Uber warned me and threatened never again. "

dash cam for uber

If you installed a dual-lens dash cam on the car, you don’t have to be afraid of these situations at all, because the dash cam can help you record what is going on to prove your innocence. So for an Uber driver, installing a dash cam is essential. 

After reading, you will find one of the most popular dual-lens dash cam on the market, if you don’t have a dash cam installed in your car, buy one!

GS65H dash cam for uber


Azdome gs65h is equipped with two high definition camera, not only can it clearly shoot the situation of the front of the car, but also record the inside of the car. When you encounter some unreasonable passengers, the video is certainly the best evidence. 

1、Top Novatek NT96655 chip: NOVATEK NT96655 Super HD quality and performance protection.


2、Sony Sensor:Adopting the Sony IMX323 sensor, the front lens is with six-layer glass lens, the quality of image become more exquisite, and record every driving moments more easily.


3、Double lens:The dual lens can be shot at the same time, the front camera can shoot 1080 P video, the sub-lens can shoot 720 P video.


4、Recording Full HD 1920x1080 P video:Support video in 1920x1080 P. Video and audio Automatically recorded in an infinite loop and saved in memory cards. Record traffic accidents, scenic travel, unexpected moments or any social media worthy of a video.


5、Built-in GPS (Optional ):GPS location recording function. We can see the speed and drive route on the Google map.


6、Break the limits of traditional border design, using the fluent line to give you more exquisite touch feeling and fantastic visual enjoyment.

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