HD Dash Cam Review



If you are going to buy a high definition dash cam, but it is not clear which model is best for you, whether your budget is large or small, we will help you make a decision. We tested several brands of different dash cam by ourselves, and finally recommended one of the most worthwhile hd dash cam AZDOME DAB211.

AZDOME DAB211 Features:

It is equipped with Ambarella A12, OV1689 sensor, HDR, in the process of no light into the light, the image can be excessive naturally without overexposure, which can restore the actual image. 

Video Resolution

Now the video resolution of the dash cam is gradually improving. While the early dash cam was as high as 720p ( 1280*720 pixel, also as know as HD) or less, a good dash cam needs to be at least 1080p that means 1920*1080 pixel and also is known as full HD. AZDOME DAB211 is up to 2560*1440p/36fps.

                       The AZDOME DAB211 records impressive video footage at 1440p

2560*1440 dash cam dose photography more detail than the 1080p. if you are looking for a high quality 1440p HD dash cam. AZDOME DAB211 is your best choice.

DAB211 Night Vision

Most of the dash cam with 1080p or more can photograph a good video in the daytime, but in the low light at night, the quality of the video is poor, but the DAB211 night vision effect is good, which thanks to its WDR

                            The DAB211 has excellent night video quality


The function is very useful when in a collision or sudden braking and other emergencies, the dash cam will automatically record the video and lock it so that this video can’t be covered by the loop video. 


Built-in GPS helps to keep track of your vehicle’s physical location and speed as you drive.

Beyond these, DAB211 also has other function, like motion detection, loop video, over speed warning, ADAS, parking monitor, the current DAB211 price on the Amazon is $79.99.

Most of the people buy a dash cam for safety, and that is true because you have a hd dash cam installed in your car when you are in an accident, the dash cam video can be used as evidence to protect your rights and benefit. 

However, the dash cam has a more interesting purpose, think of your next weekend or holiday trip, you can record the scenery along the island coast, the mountain road, the rare wildlife along the way or the celebrity crossing the street in front of you and so on, what a pleasant life.

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