How To Install A Dash Cam In Your Car



In general, the specification of the products has detailed introduced the installation of the dash cam, and the installation is similar. 

When space is enough, you first choose the rear position of the interior mirror, which is located in the middle of the car and the recording angle will be more accurate. And you should concern that the position is not too low, otherwise, it is easy to block the driver’s vision.

If space is limited, it is able to adjust it to the left or right side, but the position should not too biased, otherwise, the shooting angle will not be accurate. Not to be convenient to install the dash cam in the upper left or upper right corner, which makes no sense. 

how to install a dash cam in your car

Dash Cam Installation On The Wiring

After all, it is a later installation of equipment, so the cable from the cigarette lighter is more in the way, and at the present, we have no best solution. Many people in order to the convenience of installation and removing, used to wiring to the central console, but the cable easily wraps around the block, therefore, we can consider that connect the cable through the glove box.

If the dash cam doesn’t remove frequently, you also wiring the cable through the interior plate, then bury the cable into the interior plate, finally plug into the cigarette lighter. But that is bound to break the interior plate, which some perfectionists can’t accept. Other friends will solve this problem by changing the circuit, although it can solve this problem, we don’t recommend you reform circuit. 

The Three Common Installation Of The Dash Cam

First, connect to cigarette lighter

That is common installation because it is very convenient to use. But the shortcoming is that the dash cam can’t realize parking monitor.

Second, connect to OBD

This kind of installation doesn’t take up a cigarette lighter, supports 7*24 hours parking monitor, also be convenient to use, plug and use. But there needs a device to prevent low battery and you should choose a product with the guaranteed brand.

Third, connect to safety box

The advantage of this installation is to support parking monitor, while the cable is fully concealed and doesn’t take up the cigarette lighter and OBD, but it requires a professional master to install or provide guidance.

This kind of installation need to a device against battery low voltage, in order to prevent short circuit is recommended to apply with electric appliance and double fuse, in addition, we also pay attention to distinguish the AA and original electricity, because the ACC  is unable to realize parking monitor. The flowing Is an example of the wiring of the professional dash cam.

The Flowing Installation Is The First Installation:

First, the bast installation position of the dash cam is determined behind the interior mirror and should be close to the middle.

how to install a dash cam in your car

Compare the dash cam position, then take out the power cable from B-PILLAR out to the cigarette lighter to see if the length of the cable is enough, the wiring as shown in the figure. 

how to install a dash cam in your car

After confirming the wiring, then you inserted the cable into the ceiling, as shown in the figure.

how to install a dash cam in your car

After installing, ensure to select a dash cam with the guaranteed brand. And in wiring, you should pay attention to avoid some situations as flow: first, reform the drop wire to realize 24 hours parking monitor, second, built-in battery or mobile battery, third, traditional dash cam take up a cigarette lighter.

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