Which Dash Cam is The Best



If you want to know which dash cam is the best. So i am glad you read this article. After our extensive testing, we have found some of the best dash cam to give you the best choice. Here is a brief answer through comparing. The following image shows that the dash cam was installed in the car in testing. 

which dash cam is the best

The short answer is that the AZDOME GS63H is the best dash cam at the moment.GS63H is a 4k dash cam and has a 2.4-inch screen that allows you to view the video immediately from the car. It also has the GPS, which can tell you the current time and location information in real time and in detail. There are also other features like cyclic video, 24-hour parking monitoring, g sensor, and so on. Anyway, it's a pretty amazing dash cam.

How to choose the best dash cam for you?

There are several things to consider when buying a dash cam, but the most important factor is good image quality. If the image quality is not high definition, when you encounter a traffic accident, it is very difficult to determine who is responsible. We tested these car loggers in a variety of environments, such as in strong light and dark night conditions, and selected the most effective ones.

Here are the 2 best dash cams you can buy now


which dash cam is the best


Screen:2.4 inch LCD,Lens:150°Wide Angel Lens,GPS:yes,Camera:2160p

Recommended Reasons:

1, small size and exquisite workmanship

2, easy to install and use

3, the 4k high definition 

This dash cam not only has high-cost performance, but also its high quality lens and other features, as well as its attractive fuselage design. It's one of the most powerful of these dash cam, and it's very beautiful.

The silicone design at the bottom of suction mount makes it easier to install and take down and it can rotate 360 degrees on the left and right. placement of the dash cam incredibly easy.

The quality of the video is also very good, the quality of the video is very good, the quality of the video is very clear, and the test results are very good in the sunlight of high exposure and in the evening. Here's a video of the night and day effects:

                                                     the night testing video 

                                                     the daytime testing video

It's a very good dash cam with some very useful features.


which dash cam is the best

Product Specification:
Camera: 156° FOV, 1080p, Screen: 2.7-inch LCD, GPS: No

Recommended Reasons:

1、Image quality in low light

2、Secure sticky mount

While Philips may be better known for making electric toothbrushes than dash cameras, it doesn't mean it can't have its finger in more than one pie. The catchily named ADR81BLX1 ADR 810 impressed us with its clear screen and decent image quality.


A few things let the Philips dash cam down. First is that is has no internal battery what so ever, so as soon as it unplugged it dies (after saving the footage). Most of these have backup batteries, so they keep running for a bit longer. The second is the build quality, it's not what we'd expect from a Philips product.


These are minor quibbles though, and at the end of the day, the Philips dash cam produces decent 1080p video and is very easy to operate.


These are the best dash cam purchase options at the moment. They are definitely worth buying and will safe you a lot of insurance to protect your rights and benefits.

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