Hidden Dash Cam Install



The most troublesome step in the installation of the dash cam is wiring if it hangs in the car to affect the driver's vision and to interfere with the beauty. This article shows you how to hide the cable when you install a dash cam.

The dash cam wiring principle is to hide and less friction, so how can we more hidden install dash cam? It is generally recommended to install on the above of front windshield and near the interior mirror. The original cable is basically 3 to 4 meters, which is to convenience to wiring in the car, the internal wiring of the car is based on the principle of not going to clear lines, opening decorative panels as far as possible and reducing friction.

hidden dash cam install

Fist, you confirm the number of the cigarette. If only one, you can buy an inverter unit that is just a few dozen yuan on the market. The installation location is as far as possible in the middle so that the shooting angle will be more positive and more reference value. For the car without automatic anti-glare interior mirrors and rainfall sensors, the dash cam can be fixed between the interior mirror and the front windshield. If there is no space, you can install the dash cam in the front of the right co-pilot in the interior mirror. 

hidden dash cam install

For a lot of car, it is recommended that the wiring should pass through the roof and then run to the A-pill, through the sealing tape around the door frame to the B-pill, and then connect to the cigarette lighter, which can reduce the number of car interior decoration panels, but also go to the exposed cable to greatest extent possible.

How does the cable hide? After confirming the location put the exposed cable on the roof plaque gap. All most of the roof of the car has s certain flexibility, with the fingers can gently open and insert the cable. After the cable of the roof of the car is finished, the A-pill plaque should be removed. the A-pill of the most car is fastened with a buckle and can be removed multiple times.

When the first removal will be relatively tight, at this time should pay attention to the skillful force, pull outward along the A-pill. The gap doesn't have to be too big where just plug the wire in. And then knock back the A-pill at the clasp position. The next step is to open the rubber gap around the door frame and plug the wires along the A-pill, ceiling, and B-pill to the pedal.

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