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Today i am doing to share with a 1080p dash cam that is AZDOME A305. this dash cam for car could connect to WIFI, so that you can upload the video and image of the best dash cam on your mobile to see at any moment. 

AZDOME A305 has a 2.45 inches LC screen, 12 million pixel and 1920*1080p/30fps definition. In addition, the lens has maximal 150°wide angle that can easily cover whole lanes. Using six-layers glass lens more resistant to high temperature. 

Beyond these, A305 support 64GB SD card to a large extent, and has circulate video, G-sensor and other function.

The following is the video about testing in rain of A305 dash cam

Through the video, we can see even the video taken in the bad weather like rainy days is still very high-definition.

Here are some of the photos that some users shared after they got the A305.

1080p 60fps dash cam

1080p 60fps dash cam

The a305 dash cam reviews consumer reports

Setting up was very simple. The supplied lead is plenty long enough to go from the camera to the power adaptor which has 2 USB ports. Also enough cable tidies supplied so there are no wires loosely dangling. The camera powers up quick and easily once the car is switched on, the on screen menu makes setup a very easy process. There are many features with this camera which are all easy to use by using the on screen menu. There are many setup features such as:

Looping record duration,

G-sensor sensitivity,

Motion settings,

Display preference,

Night vision,

To name a few.

The camera sits on a plate mount which allows the camera to slide on and off with ease.

An audio chime is activated when the ignition is switched on or off if connected to the car battery.

The recording can be reviewed on the mini screen or by removing the SD card it can be viewd on a TV or computer. Images are very crisp and clear and captures movement really clearly.

This is a really nice and simple camera to operate.

This 1080p dash cam at present is very popular on Amazon, at $55.99. if you like it, purchase it!

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